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AI-generated poem.

The lesser luminary the moon sends forth its rays upon a mighty waterfall whose mist rises upward to embrace the moon's rays. The two become one in a romantic dance of light and mist the formation of a prism is born.

They produce a child born from their intertwined embrace a dazzling array of colors glistening in the midnight moonlight. The colors blend, swirl and dance in a symphony of light and sound from the cascading waterfall's endless flight.

What is happening they both wonder as they try to hold onto each other tightly just a little while longer they say. But as their embrace weakens so fades the very life of their child as the morning's darkest hour rushes in. Who they cry out will save our newborn child as their gasp slip away from each other?

Then suddenly as bursting forth from a cocoon their child is reborn with the rays of the greater luminary his grandfather the sun. He sends forth his rays giving life back to the child that his moon daughter bore from the mist of the mighty waterfall whose waiting for nightfall once more...

The cycle of the lesser and greater luminaries interacting with earth elements is an amazing design.

AI makes it so easy even an AI ape can write a poem!